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Istria, the largest Croatian peninsula, reveals its uniqueness from its appearance. This blue-green heart of the Mediterranean since immemorial times has been the source of endless pleasure, inspiration and dreams to all of those in the pursuit of perfection. Its sea is a radiant temptress who brings adventure, transformation and selfless serenity, its greenery is a rich source of passionate incentives for all the senses that gives them a richness that they have never experienced, its cities and towns are elegant narrators of stories built from the stones of passion, loyalty and desire.

Whichever corner of Istria you go to you will find the warmth of its people, its rich history written on each step, the unique traditions and customs presented by the proud, specific flavours of traditional recipes that are kept with love, the aromas of wine which so faithfully depict the spirit and history of this magical peninsula, making the discovery of Istria a true journey through time and through the events of the picturesque Mediterranean.

From the east coast of intact rock and its proud towns of Labin and Rabac, to the picturesque towns of Poreč and Rovinj (the pearl of the Adriatic) on the western shores, to the solid Medieval Motovun, Pazin or Žminj located in lush greenery in true harmony with nature, to the beautiful stone cities Medulin and Premantura or to the ancient Pula, located on the sunny south of the peninsula, Istria is a true treasure chest that is really worth discovering.


A small fishing town located on the fragrant green peninsula on which the song of crickets echoes, for thousands of years it has been an ideal place for relaxing and living. Life existed here in prehistoric times, but its true beauty was discovered by ancient Romans who in fact built here their villas and spas here, putting a stamp to its uniqueness and giving it the name of Balneolum minus.

The ancient Roman knowledge of the benefits of the local clean sea and fragrant fertile soil today has been transformed into an exceptional quality of life. Its natural beauties, countless coves, clear waters and fragrant pine forests are the source of endless pleasures and of a perfect vacation. The underwater world of this region is known for its impressive passages and multicoloured reefs that leave you breathless while the large number of colourful marine inhabitants that pass by.

The local sea has an extremely rich variety of fish and shellfish, providing all residents and visitors of Banjole with the always-fresh taste of rich seafood dishes. Banjole is a small town, which fulfils all the needs of the modern and practical requests of today. It is located just 4 km outside of colourful Pula and other attractive places such as touristic Medulin and beautiful Premantura. The excellent transport connections make this small town an ideal location for relaxation. This is the perfect place for lovers of Mediterranean quietness, of the blue sea and of the sun, making every visitor think of it as the second home he dreams of and always returns to.